This morning, a penny dropped in my path.

I picked it up.

I always pick it up, nod at the angels, and place it in the jar with my collection, when I get home.

Today I kept it in my pocket. This one was nagging at me.

Silly, I know, but I checked it’s date anyway, and nothing registered.

I had to be missing something. But what? It fell out again when I was checking my garden, and decided it would make a fun prop. My garden is blooming profusely with spring and there is nowhere else I would rather procrastinate than in my backyard.

So be it.

And I remembered.

You see…when my dad passed away a few months ago, I reminded him that as his hippie child, he would be obligated to send me random signs, once he gets settled. He always laughed it off, even though I made him promise.

And he remembered too. Today was my grandmother’s birthday.


I do.

Wind Kisses, Donna

Pennies From Heaven

When you find a penny,
It's gift from up above. 
A sign that those you hold most dear,
Are showering you with love. 
A tangible expression,
Of a loving Angel's kiss.
A tender little pick-me-up,
You wouldn't want to miss. 
So when you find a penny, 
Maybe old or shiny new,
Just know that someone up there, 
Is looking after you. 

RDP: Wonderment.