Wind Kisses

Just living with wind-kissed cheeks, wandering through wind-kissed landscapes, loving the wind-kisses that return, and laughing because sometimes it is when you least expect it.

42 thoughts on “Wind Kisses

  1. Nobody knows the time the wind blows. It comes at the time you don’t expect it. If the power of the wind is harnessed, it is very useful in getting some works done, but one has to beware and be careful of its destructive power!

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  2. Hi there ~ Great news!!! I’m nominating you and your thoughtful blog for the Blue Sky Tag :)) I found it really fun to do, myself, and I’m looking forward to your insights! Come by my Journal of Dawn blog and check it out. Will be putting my post up with all the info soon :))

    No pressure in answering all the questions, but I sure look forward to your answers, and your list of questions, too !!! DawnDawn

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      1. hahah. ya. sometimes its hard to think and write about ourselves. The Unique blogger Award took me some thought to put it together too. Unique blogger award is what I nominated you for. I thought I linked to your blog.

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      2. That’s awesome :)) Thank you !!! You and I are a lot alike, from the Unique standpoint. Very interesting lives . . . Of course, we would both rather have it that way :))


    1. Oh gosh. Completely floored. Thank you. I nominated you for the unique blogger award. I guess I thought I tagged you. Gwad…not sure I am deserving of any awards if I can’t figure things out. But read it under my July posts.

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    1. Thank you! I am always touched when I even cross peoples minds. I have received a Mystery Blog Award, and as I progress want to link people who encourage me through my posts. I so enjoy your blogging friendship. Thank you so much, and thank you for always taking the time to visit.

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  3. I have “lost” my son to the call of the wandering. He is in a season of “escaping” through the many excursions he takes. It has become his addiction. He brings home the most beautiful photos of the most amazing places. I know the wilderness brings so much healing to the soul and one day he will be “back” to being responsible to his commitments. Thank you for sharing your photos because even through the eyes of the one experiencing the tourney the landscape brings so much healing! Have fun out there!

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    1. Thank you. As for your sone, it’s a great thing to be lost to. Maybe he will find work in one of the National Parks and enjoy both work and play. We lived in Yellowstone for two years. (a lot of my posts are reflective of that time) It was amazing. Thanks for stopping by.

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    1. hahaha. too funny. Never noticed that, and you are the first to comment on it. Good grief, if I thought there was a spider lurking around, our shoes, I would have been back on the trail. Thanks for stopping by Judy. donna


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