It happened kind of matter of fact.

Just blow me a kiss.  We all say it. We all do it, and yet it took on a new meaning for me when a job transferred my daughter, with my grandson in tow. It wasn’t long before we were blowing kisses good-bye at airports, and as modern technology dictates, through FaceTime.  I promised him that sometimes I toss a kiss into the wind, so even if he can’t see me, the wind will deliver it to his cheek.

He believes me.

Wind Kisses?

I know there are rosy cheeks from brisk mountain hikes. I know there are wildflowers that dot the landscape. I know ocean tides collect stories of sandcastles, and I love the autumn leaves that dance at our feet.

So maybe wind kisses are really a moment to notice what wasn’t there before, or maybe it is a reminder to bring simple things to life.

My favorite?  The ones that fly through my hair unannounced, and the ones my grandson, and now his little sister, toss to the wind and then call to make sure they were delivered.

Be reminded; there is no greater gift then the gift of time.

Wind Kisses, Donna