I NEED TO LEARN HOW TO BE CONTENT                                                                               WITH SIMPLY NOT KNOWING,                                                                                                   AND BE AT PEACE WITH THE NOTION                                                                                    THAT EVERYTHING DOES NOT NEED AN EXPLANATION.                                                           – Unknown

Pennies from Heaven are like that.

Life lessons: An elderly lady was struggling to push herself through the Safeway parking lot in her wheel chair. She was using one hand. The other was resting in her lap. I asked her where she was going and if I could give her a push. She said: “Yes, she was going to Great Clips for a hair appointment, but the shuttle driver dropped her at the Safeway entrance”. I told her to hold on and pick her feet up, because this was going to be fun.

We went according to HER directions with a few swirls along the way. She laughed, thanked me, and asked me if I was ok. I was kind of embarrassed that in her condition she noticed I was limping( I thought I faked it better then that) and then explained it was just an old “war wound” from running, but it’s what I love, so I was happy to be able to do it once in awhile. She told me, she had been in a car accident, was in a coma for 3 months, and had “died” twice.

She smiled and very matter-of-fact said: “Always do what you love, because someday those you love and what you love will change”.

I was sad that she had only a shuttle to take her to get her hair done, but I was empowered by her strength of character and her ability to grab LIFE. She wasn’t sad or inconvenienced AT ALL by her condition. She was grateful for my help, and yet… I left her, grateful for HER, her paragon of wisdom, her ability to look at CAN, her love of laughter, and her yearning to go to the salon when her hair was perfect before the visit.

I purchased my few items at Safeway and went back to the Jeep where this penny had fallen by the door, a penny that was not there before. 


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