Have you ever fallen into a snow-globe?

IMG_3733.JPG Fresh fallen snow is notorious for that. Frosted branches bring a formality to the streets and the crunch of ice under foot brings a sense of solitude.  Just around the corner, strollers bring rosy-cheeked babies on a walk with smiles that warm the heart. Parents know their curiosity today will spark their imagination tomorrow. Afterall,  what is a snow-globe without  snow-pals and laughter.

Today is different. Today the snow-globe is real and my visceral reaction is not to linger.       Today I spin around with my arms wide open and sing,  about “My Favorite Things”.    What else can you do when the hills are alive with “The Sound of Music.”   Welcome to Salzburg, Austria

Palace “Edelweiss”
“Do Re Mi”
Gazebo- “I Am Sixteen Going on Seventeen”
Abbey- “Maria”

Are you singing too?

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