I have no special talent, I am only passionately curiousEinstein

It was time for a field trip. My camera had been on the corner of my desk for two weeks and the Phoenix heat gave me the necessary nudge to travel north. The Photo Challenge I  am tasked with is “Corners”.

Sedona is entered into the navigation, and I task myself with another promise. I will NOT hike and I will not photograph ANY scenery.  Today will be about taking a closer look in places I haven’t ventured with a camera.  I wore flop flops to make sure temptation doesn’t  take me to the trails.

It is cooler when I arrive at the Arts and Crafts village of Tlaquepaque near the statue of a whimsical pig. His smile let’s me know I have landed in the right place, and I wonder what the artist was thinking during it’s creation. The curious mind is a wonderful thing.

Follow your curiosityEinstein fullsizeoutput_24d3

Tlaquepaque’s Spanish translation means “the best of everything”. The village speaks with the ambiance of Mexico, but  for many the lure includes shopping and food. For me cooler temps and corners.

Everyone is a genius –  Einstein.

It is the curious mind that searches for what it needs to know.fullsizeoutput_24ba

And just around the corner, he was sitting in his dignified silence reminding me to:

Live in the moment.    fullsizeoutput_24d0

Need a nudge?


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