Winter officially begins with the Winter Solstice next week. December 21, 2017. This also means our friends in Seattle and Oregon are dodging freezing rain, and family in New England replace lawnmowers with snowblowers. North Dakota? They live in habitrails for the next few months.

In Arizona, the average winter temps are in the 60’s, and while we prepare with the holidays in mind like everyone else, we look forward to the days that follow the new year.

Winter is the season we become a beacon for those wanting to escape colder climates and want an adventurous place to do it.  There is baseball and golf in the valley, and an hour north will take you to ski slopes, tubing and snowy hikes, just in case you are homesick.  Welcome to my home.

Hike: Arizona is a hikers mecca with trail for nature lovers, those who the the challenge of a climb or even those who prefer horseback.


Pan for gold: Arizona is alive with legends of the Old West, ghost towns,  and historic places to fall back in time.


Boat:  A surprise for many out-of-towners is the amount of lakes and the popularity of water sports around the state.


Balloon Rides: Watch the sunrise or the sunset from a hot air balloon.


Shop in outlets, high-end malls and local outdoor markets.



Just don’t miss the wildflower season.  That’s in the winter too.


Join us. Tis the season. 



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