A day without laughter is a day wasted. – Charlie Chaplin

We entered the quaint coastal town of Waterville, County Kerry, Ireland.  Our room on the outskirts of town looked out at the ocean and a large, sandy beach.  The only people we saw were the inn keeper and a lady walking her dog.  I remember thinking we had stumbled across one of those best kept secret places, and yet I wondered if it painted a different picture in the summer months, during holiday.

Today it didn’t matter, we bundled up, headed towards the beach to explore.DSC_1323.JPG

The colorful shops tempted our curiosity and the smell of Shepard’s pie from local pubs was a reminder that we should eat, even if we were not hungry.  The beach would wait for now.

What a treasure, to travel all day and land onto this Irish oasis.   Friendly hosts, delicious food and a favorite moment flooded my mind.



And while I could have sat there all day, we wandered to the beach to discover an unexpected surprise, Charlie Chaplin.  I thought, what an appropriately placed memorial in this quiet town where laughter and silence seem to mingle.   DSC_1318.JPG

I think the joke was on us.

We learned Waterville is indeed a holiday destination for British travelers, and Charlie Chaplin was a frequent visitor in the 60’s.  So much so, the city erected a statue at city center to commemorate his love of this vacation spot.  His iconic role as a comedian in the silent film industry also prompted an annual Chaplin Film Festival.

Impressed that while the strategy of the city is to lure tourists, it remains quaint and seemingly untouched by it’s popularity.

There is no doubt it would be fun to see the city come alive in the summer,  but honestly, I am glad we were able to feel the silence and the calling as Charlie Chaplin did.  DSC_1319.JPG

Always humbled,