A drive along the south rim of  Canyon de Chelly National Monument, AZ  lies Spider Rock.

Navajo legend tells of  Spider Woman who lived on top of the 800 foot column and taught the Navajo how to weave.  She is also known for gathering up the naughty children and taking them to the top of the column to eat them, leaving the white bones on top as a message to the others.  

Legend or not I am certain the Navajo children thought twice about completing their chores and were home before the setting of the sun.

It was raining when we walked the quarter-mile to Spider Rock and I didn’t care. I have wanted see this 800’ spire since we moved to AZ.  It has defied gravity for 1000’s of years and brings us a lesson in hillside/ sandstone erosion, not to mention the mystique generated from the native people.


Today we lingered in the cold rain with shorts and t-shirts appreciating this gift from Mother Nature, feeling a connection to ancient civilizations,  and understanding  why it is still inhabited today.

A handful of tourists, just ahead of us, took the obligatory photo and rushed back to their warm vehicles.   I stayed longer then was comfortable, and as we were about to return to the trail, I turned back one last time and said: Gosh a peek from the sun would sure be nice

….and someone heard.



Take your time….