Do something everyday that scares you. 

A DJ quoted the wisdom of Eleanor Roosevelt on the radio one day and the words resonated with me. She was not suggesting we should watch a horror flick or walk a tightrope.  Instead the quote is alluding to how we challenge ourselves everyday. 

Do you even know your fears?  It looks a little different for all of us.  I have one friend who won’t travel because of a fear of flying, but even subtle fears can cause a jump in the heart rate, like riding in an elevator. 

Public speaking is on the top ten for me, and I don’t like asking for help. So you will never find me at a bar doing Karaoke and I do find comfort in taking care of things myself. It’s easier that way….for me. 

What about those who won’t try new things, or in this age of technology, let go of tech savvy devices. And do I dare suggest a disconnect from social media?  

Today my challenge was a hike to Marble Canyon, AZ. It is a section of the Colorado River that is the gateway to the Grand Canyon.  The cool waters are a stunning contrast to the cliff walls and is a testament to what lies ahead inside the Grand Canyon.  While the  motivation was because of rumors saying the scenery would be breathtaking, I was completely out of my comfort zone.  I would need help during the trek and I would have to be forthcoming about my fear of not making it back.  

The hike was four miles down a river wash, and I took a deep breath when we scooted down the rocky edge onto the river.  We would be in this dry river with snakes that had no escape,  a risk of flash floods, and it would require physical strength to tackle thirty foot climbs.

The only way back was the way we came.   fullsizeoutput_3308

Going down the dry waterfalls was a test of character. Fear? It would linger for the remainder of the day with questions about whether or not I could climb back up.  The only option would have been be to turn back before going on.  I didn’t. I couldn’t. 


Today was a choice and we trekked on.   fullsizeoutput_32f2

 And as promised Marble Canyon shared exactly what the rumors boasted.fullsizeoutput_3310

No one said much.  The views spoke it’s own volumes and the sound of the rushing water quieted the mind. Every so often a raft floated past on their way into the guts of the Grand Canyon and we could watch condors in their native habitat, and it was breathtaking.


On the way back my heart changed beat again.  Restful palpitations changed to that what if.  Inside I knew I would make it, or I never would have gone in the first place, but what if?    fullsizeoutput_32f8 The height of the waterfall looked higher from below, and I welcomed a boost in an effort to grip the rope at a higher spot. Adrenaline carried me right where I needed to be...pretty quickly.  My husband laughed knowing I went into competitive, beast mode, and cheers came from above and below. I was shaking and immediately turned to help those behind me, but what I learned was I wasn’t alone in my fear.  Two others wiped tears away when they made it. We all made it.   

So how about you?   Facing your fears doesn’t have to involve climbing rock walls, it can be trickles of stepping outside your comfort zone.  When we do: we gain courage and confidence in the face of adversity, we learn something about our potential, and we might even learn something new.    fullsizeoutput_331c

Wind Kisses, Donna

Inspired by an invitation from Chad, who told us about this amazing fishing spot, that I would love.

And a the weekly prompt by Frank Jenson: Heights