I feel like I have something to say about wildflowers, and the truth is they speak for themselves.

Let’s just pretend that I am responsible for some of these wildflower blooms. I have been known to sprinkle native seeds along the hiking trails near my home, and when the rains come I keep my fingers crossed that the seeds are tucked in, preparing for Spring.

I know better.

Wildflower season in the desert is a gamble at best.  The experts speculate about how prolific it might be, and the rest of us wait.  We know, even with the rains, and the perfect conditions, the desert is a delicate place with a mind of its own, so we wait.

And sometimes, Mother Nature responds with a spectacular showing, along with some reminders through subliminal messages.

A flower does not think of competition, it just blooms. fullsizeoutput_52b4

Imagine what life would look like if….like wildflowers, you allow yourself to grow in all the places people thought you never would.  fullsizeoutput_425f

Choose optimism.  When was the last time you looked at morning and realized it was a blank canvas for you to paint?fullsizeoutput_52af

Sometimes you have to be brave enough to know when you are feeling blue. You also have to be courageous enough to chase the notion that everything is relative, including blue. A deep breath, with a little help from irony, might present a different opinion.  fullsizeoutput_52d7

Have you ever wondered what happens when the Earth laughs?  This would be the same moment that a Jeep takes a selfie. fullsizeoutput_52be

Always believe something wonderful is about to happen.fullsizeoutput_52b1

Hello April

Wind Kisses, Donna

Just rolling along, as usual.  Thank you for the inspiration, Frank.