I have learned that two people can look at the exact same situation and see something totally different. I see the hills in the distance, he sees the road to get there. He plots and executes a course, and I often walk along side for a different perspective, and a better angle in my opinion.

It works for us.

We have learned compromise, but if you could only know the conversations that lead up to these adventures. His idea of fun is the actual journey and strategies involved, and mine is the chance to explore on foot and bask in the beautiful landscape.  He assures me he doesn’t want to tip over or fall off a cliff either, and I assure him that his ride will be more pleasant if I get out of the vehicle and walk.  So…he picks the trail, I hold the map, and he is in charge until I get outside the vehicle.   

We begin our weekend road trip at Broken Arrow Trail.  It is a 3 mile off-road trail into the red rock landscape of Sedona.  The trail takes you to three overlooks and requires  a high clearence vehicle.

I believe he is ready for lift-off at Mushroom Rock. And what goes up….


…must come down. fullsizeoutput_58b0

There was a moment at this angle where I kindly let him know we should hurry as the pink jeeps were following us.  He kindly let me know that if I didn’t walk the whole way it wouldn’t be a problem.  So I ran. 68693257_10217410627195985_2798062453361999872_o

The overview of Submarine Rock from Mushroom Rock is breathtaking and once again… 69039316_10217410626315963_2110655776610582528_o

…we come down to Submarine Rock my way.  IMG_2715

And Chicken Point his…. 68437037_10217410623835901_1114614373466243072_ofullsizeoutput_58a8


Windkisses, Donna