It is no surprise that shade and shadows create mood. What is interesting is we can influence lighting to create the mood we seek. We dim lights for a romantic dinner, and it brings calm, and the ambience we seek. We also find the perfect picnic spot, in the shadow of a tree, or a beach umbrella, and feel at home.

Now think about some familiar places that you visit during the day. A wooded trail, a secluded pond, and/or a quiet street are places we all frequent.


How would your mood change it it became night?

Or what if the clouds of a thunder storm rolled in? In this case the shadows created a dramatic scene and directed attention to the focal point. It was pouring when we hiked to Spider Rock at Canyon de Chelly and I didn’t care. I had wanted to see this 900′ spire since we moved to AZ. And at the moment I said, “gosh a peek from the sun would be nice right about now”…someone heard.

Often shade and shadows create interest and curiosity. Jewel of the Creek Trail is a heavily wooded trail in the Arizona desert. The bent tree not only gives us a bridge to cross under, but it’s shadow seems to create a tunnel for my granddaughter who is emerging from the shade.

Shadows can tell a story, and sometimes gift us with an aha moment.

Look again.

This photo at Monument Valley at sunset is more than the view. The tall, linear shadows are the Three Sisters/Nuns. The tiny lines on the bottom right are me and a friend. A bit daunting as the nuns seem to have come alive and are watching over us. I just haven’t decided if the story begins with prayer, or a scolding.

Shadows can simply be fun to play with. The virtual sand exhibit at the Phoenix Science Center allows you to use your body to interact with digital sand. Yes…it is addicting.

Sometimes a little light is just there to show us the way, and the shade is meant for our deep breaths.

That’s ok too.

And I don’t know about you, but isn’t life is meant to be loved… and lived.

My shadow though…


It is my backpack and jacket for clarification.

Wind Kisses, Donna

Thank you Anne-Christine for the inspiration.