This moment we are writing right now is tomorrow’s memory.

Do you ever think about that?

Are you deliberate about how you gather memories or do you wing it? Personally, I love living in the moment and recording those moments in my camera.

Some memories are not pleasant, and at some point become history, or a legacy you might leave.

Today, I look at the number six and the reflection of how my life looked like from six decades ago to six seconds ago. (mind you I took a photo before I finished the post to make a point.)

Six decades ago is a history lesson for me. In 1961, the Berlin Wall was built, man went to space with hopes of someday landing on the moon, the Beatles were hot, the top song was Tossing and Turning, 101 Dalmatians was released, minimum wage was $1.15, Slip and Slide was a cool new toy, Black Friday was coined and the list goes on.

On a more personal note, my parents had just been married, starting life as I know it.

Six years ago I took some nieces and nephews to the Grand Canyon for the first time.

Six months ago we spent a week on the beach in California reflecting on the pandemic. It is with grateful hearts that we survived the ordeal, and the beaches were open.

Six weeks ago we enjoyed an off-roading trip to Capitol Reef, Utah.

Six days ago I updated my kitchen chalkboard reflecting summer birthdays.

Six hours ago my sweet granddaughter who is not yet two, spent the most wonderful time with her paintings while I got to sit back and watch. OK…truth. She went straight to the bathtub after this wonderful masterpiece.

Six minutes ago I was gathering photos for my post. And my journal that goes everywhere with me knows my heart well.

Always trust the journey.

Six seconds ago I am once again reminded to live each day as if it is your first. Cherish this moment happening right now. Cherish this memory you choose to make.

Wind Kisses, Donna