What you see depends not only on what you look AT, but also on where you look FROM.- James Deacon

This week I take a look back at our time in Yellowstone. During our two years there, I never went anywhere without my camera. I loved documenting our life there and, even today, enjoy looking back at the memories.

Being in the park gifted us with many things, but from a photographer’s standpoint, it gifted us time. There was time to wait on hillsides, time to wait for babies to come from behind a hedge, time to watch the sunrise and set, time for outback cookouts, time to watch the snow melt, and time for wildflowers.

On this particular day, this bear found it’s way to a wildflower meadow. It was entertaining to watch it amble around the field, and fun to think we both had a love for wildflowers in common. But while it wanted to eat them, I just wanted to capture one photo without the flower centered on its face. The one flower it didn’t seem to want to eat.

The coyote in the next two images shows how they draw out, and capture the ground squirrels. It looks like playful fun, but the truth is, survival is paramount with the short summers.

Kayaking in nature can change our perspective too. The scenery is brilliant from the riverbank where we push off, and on this day our view from inside the kayak brought us another surprise. The rustling of the willow told us to slow down. You can see the heads of the moose and her calf in the first photo, but the calf was just as curious about us in the next.

And we move along…

On an afternoon ride into Pleasant Valley you can see the different perspective, depending upon if you are outside or inside the stagecoach.

Patience… is a virtue. Always.

On the road again.

Lamar Valley is a great place to watch herds of bison, and packs of wolves, and we go there just to do that.

The ride out there is breathtaking and it is the passengers job to be on the lookout for wildlife, but this is one time the eagle eye isn’t always necessary. The cars in front will be watching too and I can capture the concinnity of the hillsides and bask in this beautiful place we all call home.

Wind Kisses, Donna

Inspiration: One Photo Two Ways