When it comes to off-road adventures, half the fun is planning.

Only half.

The other half is getting off that beaten path and being prepared for whims. His whims, I might add.

Truth is, my self-proclaimed role is to make sure we have a general idea about where we are going, and to have enough food and water for a few days in the event we get stuck. It’s always overkill, and if that’s what gets me out there, so be it.

M&Ms help too.

On this particular day we were celebrating Arizona’s birthday the best way we know how.


We love the chance to experience life with a change from the norm, and to capture memories that are away from what tourists see. So, here we were, headed back near Lake Pleasant, which is about twenty minutes from our home. The ultimate goal was to find the Old China Dam, built by Chinese immigrants in the late 1800’s.

It feels like it is in the middle of nowhere. It is. And to think of the challenge to make the journey in a Jeep let alone on a horse or on foot, is impressive. The dam’s purpose was to stop water flow for mining efforts in the north.

For us it was simply a cool place to wander.

Next we wandered through a slice of Arizona history while walking through a miner’s home, at Tule Creek Homestead. It isn’t uncommon to come across abandon mines or homesteads in the Lake Pleasant region, as there is a long history of mining here. And it is always fun to learn about who walked here before us, and how the most random items were repurposed.

A fun fact: it was the miners who brought the beloved burros with them. With ill attempts at getting rich, they moved on and the burros stayed and found Lake Pleasant region, a perfect home. Great minds think alike.

As always, we find love in all the right places and are grateful that this beautiful place we call home seems to love us right back,

Wind Kisses, Donna

Thank you Amy for the inspiration in looking back at this day in my week.