Bring on the wrinkles!

They are souvenirs of laughter, sorrow, excitement, and everyday interactions.   That makes them representative of everything we have experienced in our lives.  

Shouldn’t we embrace them in celebrations, like we do with kid’s birthdays?

Instead we see aging as a flaw, and over the hill as the definitive road block.

Stop it.

Please love every age you walk into. You have earned it, we all have. Every age brings us something: productivity, growth, education, humor, responsibility, test of faith, love, character building and the list goes on, doesn’t it?

You don’t have to have an excavator cake, but trust me that was fun.

Today, I remember the birthday hike up to to Mount Washburn in Yellowstone.

And the time we went sapphire mining, for September’s birthstone.

And in case I was going to forget, I wrote 54 things I know, at 54 and reread it every year. I wouldn’t change anything, and feel lucky to add to it. Think about that. Adding more wisdom/ knowledge to this game called life:

55. Your opinions define YOU, not me. 56. Choose your priorities, carefully. 57. People will know you when the see what you do. 58. Tomorrow is not promised.

I admit, I continue to search for the fountain of youth. That’s part of it for me, because during that search I discover who I am, and who I accept in myself. I will always be a work in progress much like the canvas in an art studio. Paint changes it, making it more brilliant, more defined, more complete, right?

Age is no different. It tells the story of time well spent year after year.

Beautiful young people are accidents of nature.  But beautiful old people are works of art. – Eleanor Roosevelt

PS. I still love cake. Pink Champagne cake to be exact.

They say it’s your birthday. How do you feel about that?

Wind Kisses, Donna

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