Have you ever walked on rainbows?

On our most recent trip to Valley of the Fire near Las Vegas we did just that. The brilliant-colored sandstone hills are a geological wonderland. We tucked ourselves into the first come -first serve campground amidst the brilliant red rocks and planned the week.

Reaction to color here is instantaneous and constantly changing with the sun. We expected that. What we didn’t expect was the purples, pinks, yellows, blues, and reds that seemed to compete for both daylight, and our attention.

Ok…so…the next question will be random and, no doubt, something you have discussed too.

What do we wear? Is that a debate in your house? Do you pick a color that will compliment the landscape, or each other? Do you like to morph naturally into the landscape, or stand out?

Does it matter?

My husband is notorious for choosing exactly the right color for our venue. He denies purpose in his his selections, and says he grabs what is next in line. Interestingly enough, the colors he picks are always a direct contrast to the environment we enter. Does he want to be seen? Maybe.

My selection is purposeful. Almost always black or grey. Rarely am I in photos since I carry the camera. When I am, the motivation for me is to hopefully allow the viewer to gain perspective with me in. The entrance at Mouse Tank Road is a good example of that.

And on Fire Wave, the sky feels more blue, and the hills an invitation to that rainbow I talked about. Here, my silhouette is almost necessary to understand the size and range of color.

And in the slot canyon at White Domes, it honestly didn’t matter. It is the sunlight playing on the walls that brought life to these photos.

That said…

I would like to note…I am way cooler.

We had a fantastic getaway and agreed that accessibility made this park special. It’s 45 minutes from Vegas, it is possible to access most sites from your vehicle, and many of the hikes are less than a mile.

Color is ever present here! Mother Nature did an outstanding job at splashing rainbow vistas and fire waves for no other reason than to wow us, in my opinion. I come away with laughable memories, and wonder. Ironic to think these bold-colored, wide open spaces, can also evoke a sense of solitude, quiet and calm.

Not to mention the element of surprise.

Wind Kisses, Donna

Inspired by: Lens-Artists/Anne Sandler/Colorful Expressions