Do you remember building forts as a little kid?

I do. There was nothing like getting swallowed up in imagination, and falling into another place in time. Sometimes it was a secret hideout so I could read a good book, and more often than not, there were: No boys allowed, as I had two brothers. The quiet never lasted long as it was more fun with them, and I could count on them to bring snacks.

I think tree forts contributed to my love of nature. We never had a treehouse, but when we camped, we would gather what we needed to help our magic come alive.

It was just simple fun.

Last month during our trip to the Washington Coast, the old memories crept back. Only this time I didn’t build anything. And apparently it’s a thing to build driftwood forts on the beach.

I went house hunting.

The doorway to the first one was a too small for me to fit. I did love the fenced yard and the kitchen. You?

The next one had the best views, a sizable door, but a few too many windows.

His vote was the root house, most likely because it came fully furnished.

But this one? Just right!

Wind Kisses, Donna

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