Mountains convey such a sense of mystery. They touch the sky, and seem to play with the clouds. We marvel at their natural beauty, and respect their eternity, as we know it.   They tower over us, and yet, many of us want to climb them, just because.  

And is it possible the mountains are the place where heaven meets earth?

I don’t know.  

This week, Amy challenges us to look at: Mountains Are Calling. I am encouraged by her, and the wanderers who showcase mountains, from all over the world, in their photos. And I am inspired by this world that has been presented to us for two reasons: to love it, and to live it.

What tempts me this week is the whys. 

Why do we feel this insatiable desire to go to the mountains? I think my love of the mountains first came when my school took annual fields trip to Bavaria for ski school. We were living in Germany at the time and I had no idea that life could be different. Didn’t everyone have cute pompom beanies, a permanent ski lift pass stuck to their zipper and a few coins for hot chocolate at the top?

Over time, Washington State and views of the Cascades became the norm, and then two years in Yellowstone sealed the deal. I love the outdoors, and I love the mountains.


The Grandeur: Everything you see, touch, hear, and smell is in sync with each other and is the exquisite handiwork of Mother Nature. We are often drawn to views, of the peaks, in the distance. Have you also noticed the what the peaks deliver?

Perspective: Mountains are humbling. They share the realization of how tiny we are, and often suggest, insignificance. But think about that for a minute. Instead, isn’t it the chaos at the bottom of the hill that seems pointless, insignificant. And our presence, quite significant in this place, in time. It is for me.

Exploration: We all do it our own way. Overlooks and drives provide us with the oohs, ahhs, and wows necessary for the human spirit. With hiking, there is varied terrain and every level of difficulty to get us outside and active in the invigorating, fresh air. With kayaking, the views are the clearly the agenda.

And parasailing defines up close and personal.

Time: Yes, I am speaking of the gift of time and also the test of time. The journey is always the destination, for the mountains too. If only the hills could talk… Then again, they do. They tell us with their seasons, their flora, fauna, their altitude, and their attitude.

Some are just louder than others, like Mt. St. Helens.

Reflection: When we awaken our senses we know ourselves better.

The stillness that encompasses us, allows us to hear quiet. It is here we find peace. It is here we find tranquility. It is here we discover an unexplained reverie, a connectedness to nature, and to ourselves.

Wind Kisses, Donna