I know, I know,

Arizona is hot, dry and miserable.

Hold that thought.

This week, we welcome guest host, Jude, of Cornwall in Colours, who challenges us to search for Textures in our photography.

When I think of texture, I think of something I want to run my hands through. Something to touch or hold. With a background in horticultural, that reflex is much like that of a culinary chef tasting food.

A lavender field comes to mind.

Textures? Arizona? Plants? Yes, I learned the hard way that not everything in Arizona is touchable. Run your hand across something here and it touches back, bites back. Thank goodness for the chance to visualize texture…sometimes. And just like that, dry and miserable connotes art, doesn’t it?

In truth, Southwest art is a colorful, distinctive addition to our homes and landscape.

And the arts morph into our clothing design as well. Next to flip flops, cowboy boots are commonplace, and the symbolism of native American dress is alive and well. That workmanship? A reflection to perpetuate the legacy of a people.

Be still and the earth will speak to you.- Navajo proverb

Cool, right?

Wind Kisses, Donna

Last week Anne Sandler inspired our photography with with Wildlife Close to Home. Next week, Tina of Travel and Trifles, will host Lens-Artists 227. If you would like to know more about the Lens-Artists community, check here.