This week, check out Ann-Christine’s inspiration as she challenges us with looking for perfect patterns.

You don’t have to look very far. In fact, just this morning I walked into one.

Autumn is still present in the low desert of Arizona and this morning my front patio was littered with leaves. I made a mental note to add sweeping to my honey-do list, later. Instead, I loved that the wind and rain pushed the leaves and seeds into the cracks of the patio bricks gifting us this beautiful art.

Let nature forever humble you.

A few minutes later, I found the skeletal remains of a cactus on our hillside. The intricate, lacy and woody, interior that supports cactus is truly a piece of art. And the right pieces make great dowels for macrame.

As we turned towards home, thoughts of our weekend camping on the Colorado River came to mind. It was a unique place to land because a look across the river to the right, and you could appreciate the lights and sounds of casinos in Nevada. On the left, you could see a quieter California. I loved that we could experience all three states in one place. I admit, I am disappointed I don’t have a photo of the flock of white herrings against the pink and purple sunrise.

I guess the river walk will do.

We opted to stay on the Arizona side of the Colorado, to explore an area known as Secret Pass. More on that another day. Today let’s love on the burros.

I know, I know I am always finding wild burros. I will never tire of their stoic expressions and their rhythmic bleats. But…today take a closer look at the patterns on their fur and ears.

I love them.

I am who I am. Together…we are creatures of habit, and we are on the road, again.

That’s a pattern too, right?

Wind Kisses, Donna

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