Happy 2023! I hope your New Year has all the feels of a deep breath. For me it is exactly that. A great exhale as we leave the holidays behind, and a deep inhale as we waltz into the year ahead. I don’t believe in resolutions and I find the New Year is a great time for reflection.

Last January was reminiscent of that.

This week John of the Lens-Artists community, asks us to share our favorite images of 2022. Do you have a favorite subject, time of day, or a place that comes to mind? Will you surf your archives? My selections came to me when I realized the photos I loved the most were the ones that evoked a specific memory for me.

Images are made powerful because they generate a feeling or emotion. With retirement, we decided overlanding would be a great way to explore the country. Our first sunset in Nevada spoke volumes.

Images can create a story without needing an explanation. During an off-roading Jeep event in Moab, Utah, a biker stopped on the hillside above us. Do you need to know his story? I don’t.

Images can stop you, or take you back. A hike on Sunrise Trail at Mt. Rainier was picture perfect and certainly a wow moment. What I remember was, we had walked into a canvas that was conveniently painted by Mother Nature, just for us.

Images of unplanned randomness are often a gift. In the Olympic Mountains, the stellar jays loved checking to see if we left any crumbs. I simply loved his efforts and his seemingly polite demeanor.

Images can be symbolic. Who doesn’t love ice cream? Like most, every year comes with ups and downs. That’s how life works, doesn’t it? And this delicious photo of peppermint-stick ice cream is more than just yummy. It is symbolic of a summer in New England, a beach vacation, family. And it was a favorite flavor of my dads...too.

Wind Kisses, Donna

Thank you to Tina… We look forward to seeing what your favorite images of 2022 include. Make sure to link your post to Journeys with Johnbo here, and use the Lens-Artists tag to help us find you. Thank you to Tina for a Last Chance look in December. It was fun to see the photos we wish we had a spot for, and I loved the creative interpretations. Next week, check in with Sofia of Photographias for the challenge.

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