We were scheduled to board the cruise ship at 2:00.

That worked for me. I got up early and set off to the San Diego waterfront with my camera.

We spent the night at one of the oldest hotels in San Diego, also listed on the National Register of Historic Places, The US Grant. Holiday decor was still in place as the New Year was three days away, but rest assured, I will will return for a hotel tour next time.

In the meantime, the lobby was a great place to start our walk.

This week, Anne challenges us with a One-Lens Walk. Being in a different city and near the ocean was a welcome opportunity for me. It was nice to put my iPhone in my backpack, and be purposeful with my Nikon (18-55 lens) for a change.

The city smelled good with the recent rain. Sounds funny, but when you are from Arizona it’s quite a treat to be able to put on a raincoat. I paraded down the street, like on the catwalk, quite certain of my fashion statement.

Street art and sculptures tempt our interest, invite the clicks, and slow our walk to a stroll.

A mile later, we arrived at the historic Embarcadero. It is known as a cruise ship hub, and is prepared for the thousands who arrive here with time on their hands. There are eateries, trinket shops, and maritime museums. Several sailing vessels, including the iconic Star of India, a military submarine, and the USS Midway, are available to tour. And ships are fun to photograph.

Further south, we entered a memorial park. The famous Embracing Peace statue, located next to the USS Midway is a must visit. Created by Niki Di St. Phalle, the statue is a 3-D version of Alfred Eisenstadt’s famous photo from the streets of NY, signifying the end of World War II.

And the salute to Bob Hope is a meander down the pier.

As we circled back to the hotel, we talked to the man on the bike below. He was a graduate of the prestigious Naval Academy and a retired Navy pilot. His daily bike ride takes him to the USS Midway, where he volunteers his time and knowledge.

He is 91.

Wind Kisses, Donna

Hoping you enjoyed a few minutes on San Diego’s historic waterfront through my One-Lens Walk, hosted by Anne. Visit and link to her informative post about the whys behind lens selection. Trust me, you will love her orangutan. Remember to add the Lens-Artists tag so we can find you.

Thank you to Sofia for allowing us to Look Back with last weeks challenge. It is always interesting to see the vast interpretations of the current prompts. Next week, it will be my turn to host the challenge. Hope you will join me as it will be my first official challenge of the Lens-Artists team.

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