This week, Patti of Pilotfish challenges us with Still Life photography- With this genre, composition seems to be the key, and typically the photos are taken head on. I might stretch the challenge a little bit, because I am thinking there are no limits to still life photography except that your subjects are, you know, still.

We were on the beach at South Padre Island, Texas for four days. I am grateful beach-life doesn’t move on a clock. Instead, plans are made with the tides, and the movement of the sun. It seemed like a great place to embrace my inner child and pretend to be on a treasure hunt.

I planned to conquer the task with collections of driftwood/ rock creations, and discovered beach-combing was more fun. I fell in love with the plastic dog toy in the above photo, and was surprised it wasn’t some rare sea anemone. And would you believe me if I told you, I finally found the message in the bottle? Truth be known, its message is merely a reminder to stay the course.

The beach was littered with debris washed up from the unusual high tide and recent storms. There were more shoes than I was willing to count, and I am sure some of the brands would be interested to know their product remained intact with the arduous journey across the Gulf of Mexico.

A wooden crate, with a shredded tarp draped over it, reminded me of a treasure chest. Ironically enough, it was empty. Or was it? Like all the other treasures, I am convinced there must stories to go with them.

I guess now they are my stories to tell.

With the sun passing noon, I gathered my camera, my journal and a few shells. Finding lunch is simple. We keep our eye out for where the locals line up. If you want good food that is my recommendation-always. Todays hidden treasure was an authentic taco shop.  

The still life was extra.  

Wind Kisses, Donna

Thank you to Patti for this fun challenge –Still Life. Her expertise in this genre will wow you, and gift you with knowledge and encouragement. This is a chance to tap into your artistic side with self-made creations, or like me, find them where your path takes you. Remember to link to her post and use the Lens-Artists Tag so we can find you.

Thank you for joining us last week when Tina encouraged us to look at the Environments we live in and why we love them. I look forward to reading a few I missed while I was traveling. Next week Ann-Christine /LEYA will lead us.

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