This week Sofia challenges us with Mood in Photography.

Do you remember those old mood rings from the 70’s?  They were a popular trend and fashion accessory. Supposedly, the mood ring color corresponded to the wearer’s emotions. Of course there was no scientific research to back it up, but we didn’t care. The color became our vibe, and good or bad, we wore it like a badge of honor. Still sold today, they are still fun.

With photography, we decide on the mood or the emotion we want our photos to convey. Well…we try.

Every time you shout, “smile” or “say cheese”, you set the mood. Every time you light a candle for a formal dinner, or toast marshmallows over a campfire, you create the mood.  And every time you walk into a space where there might not be words, you are feeling the mood.  

Don’t you love it when something says stay, and no words were spoken?

I think our ultimate goal is to have others find a connection to our photos. Hopefully, the photo above conveyed an invite to you, or a sense of tranquility. From the lens, it had all the checks marks, including the right time and place. I might even agree it was a good camera, but the truth is, the viewfinder is only partially responsible for the results. People, places, and things are all factors to consider when capturing mood or emotion in photography. Ready?

Today’s mood is brought to you by coffee.

Finding, Creating, and Capturing Mood:

Weather: Clouds, sun, wind, and rain change our plans at the snap of a finger. It does the same to our photos. During our recent visit to South Padre Island, Texas, a foggy morning brought a quiet mystique to the beach. Quite a contrast from the clear, blue sky a few hours later.

Places: Successful restaurants, whether formal or casual are masters at tapping into our emotions. We find candles and low light to bring ambience and romance to a special occasion. And tell the truth… how often do you choose a restaurant because of its curb appeal?

People (and animals): We often have a split second of time to capture smiles, tears, excitement, or contentment. That list goes on, doesn’t it? And personally I prefer candid shots to reflect that true personality. Naturally, we zoom in to look for those facial expressions and glimpses at sentiment. But don’t forget, when you zoom out, the setting and environment bring clues and context too.

Water: It seeps, flows, falls and drips, and as a natural element it is both interactive and unpredictable. From a dew drop on a leaf, to a ripple in a pond, and an umbrella overhead, water too, creates mood and emotion for us.

Time of Day:

I love both the sunrise and sunset. I love more everything that falls in between.

Wind Kisses, Donna

PS. I found this painted rock at the entrance to, Love Creek Orchards, Apple Pie Cafe’ during our Texas travels. I hope it made you smile…too.

Thank you to Sofia for getting us in the Mood this week. Be sure to visit her site as she guides you on how to find mood in your photography. There are so many avenues to take with this challenge. In fact, I almost focused solely on water because of the different energy and emotions it conveys. Join us. Not only is this a fun challenge, the Lens-Artists are a fun community. Remember to link your post to Sofia here and use the Lens-Artists Tag so we can find you.

Last week, we were inspired by Ann-Christine and Backlit. To think it was all about lighting is true, and also and understatement. Lots of creativity out there. Lots to inspire our own photography.

Next week John of Journeys with Johnbo is our host. Check in with him next Saturday, noon, EST.

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