How would you live your life if your heritage was honor, pride, and ancestral wisdom?

The World Championship Hoop Dance Contest brings culture, creative expression, and competition to it’s venue. It is here where we glimpse into the heart of Native American lifestyle.

fullsizeoutput_2095 There  is chanting, pounding drums, and the flute serenading the tribe from a distance. It is an invitation into their world…for a moment.  The dances educate us with the story of another time. They  were hunters and farmers, but they still had time for comical versions of family life.

The braided and beaded clothing depict family pride, and…


There is a bond seen in the eyes of a little girl and her grandfather sharing trust, wisdom, and a connection that only they understand.

There is  Five-time World Champion who shares ideas and guidance to the younger generation. It is they who bring wisdom and the understanding that to continue  preservation of their heritage is, by far, more important then the win.

So I wonder…is it the eyes that are the windows to the soul, or its it the soul that brings light to the eyes?

You decide. I already know.

PS. The little girl nailed it.


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