It’s hard to know what to write when a moment speaks for itself.

The vehicle was a cross between a hay wagon and a turbo-charged Jeep, and it was the only way to get there.  The seatbelt kept the hips in place, and laughter kept all of us pretending we would get there in one piece.   We bounced up a dry river-wash to a rock wall, and the driver bid us farewell.

Awestruck is what comes to mind.  We tip-toed through the slit into a mystical canyon that invited one thing…silence.    The shadows played with the sunlight peeking through the ceiling,  bringing a sense of spirituality to the sandstone walls.  It is here where beauty radiates from within, nurtured from the sunlight above.

Sometimes there really are no words, just reflection.

The colors change when I twirl and the sound of a “sandfall”  catapults me to  that “dang it, I love nature” place.

The quiet was interrupted by the sound of cameras reminding me to follow suit. I didn’t want to.  What I wanted was for everyone to go away and let me bask in this sacred place, nurtured by centuries of wind and rain.

The stories offer evanescent memories from the Navajo people and the changing landscape infuses a curious mind. The questions are answered scientifically and with a hint of spirituality that lands in my soul…forever.

It IS a beauty that radiates from within.

Amazing what life can look like when you let nature takes it’s course.

The entrance into Antelope Canyon.
How is it that where everything seems dry and desolate, the walls seem to tell a story?
A stroll into the canyon leads us here,
and here.
A sandfall and,
evidence that we are downstream.

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