I have told bits of this story before and I am reminded of it again with today’s prompt: Quill.

It was May when we first heard her name, Porcupine.  We had been living in Yellowstone National Park for a month.  We were overwhelmed with the colorful hot springs, explosive geysers and wildlife, that were now a part of our daily life.DSC_0090.JPG  Bison calves were beginning to test their legs in the Madison River and the bears were emerging from hibernation.DSC_0058.JPGMeet Porcupine. Her name came from the locals who watched her grow up.  Like most toddlers, she saw her world as a curious playground.  Everything was meant to chase, study, and play with.  Her stomping grounds weren’t far from Madison, so it was possible to check on her from time to time.  And I did. DSC_0040She has a permanent place in my heart.  This is why. 

Two years prior,  the grizzly cub thought she had found a playmate, but it didn’t play back.   Instead, she received a face and a paw full of quills. Yes, she found a porcupine, but since Yellowstone is wild, she was not allowed to be rescued, and instead, left to heal on her own.  Heart wrenching for those of us who watched her scamper around the valleys and hillsides. Frustrating for those who felt like she was a part of the family. The wildlife experts and professional photographers who followed her, weren’t sure she would even survive. 
She did.
She continued to grab the hearts of those who knew of her.  Visitors just wanted to see her.  Yes,  I was sure to tell the story to ANYONE who would listen. Rangers, wanted to return every Spring to find her searching for grubs.  They are hopeful, that maybe one day she will emerge from hibernation with cubs of her own.   
It has been five years since our time there.  I haven’t heard any updates, but I am OK with that.   I will just pretend she is a great mama to her precious little cubs.  Their names?
Stay,  and Away.
Grateful for our two years in this beautiful place I called…home.
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