It took me two seasons and too many photos of random scenery to finally capture this moment with the mountain blue birds. The first time I saw one was at a trailhead in the Tetons. It was a blue flash that quickly became a ‘what was that?”,  moment.  They are bluer then the sky and they can’t be bothered with humans who clearly don’t belong in their space, so they move along quickly.   I was convinced after the first season that they had a secret code amongst their brethren to hide when I pulled the camera from my backpack.

On this day we were on a difficult hike down to Hell-roaring Creek in Yellowstone. Bird-nerding was not on the agenda.  The trailhead signage said bear had been seen recently,  so bear spray and attentiveness were  more of a priority then my camera. We were singing, stomping, and scuffing our boots as the literature dictates. Our goal was to get down to the creek and back before sunset.

And here they were,  dozens of them at a halfway point in the trail.  The bears could have dragged me off to their cave as far as I was concerned.

They were here.  Finally, the satisfaction I had longed for, and to think…

…they were  shallow enough to strike a pose. fullsizeoutput_6c2


P.S. We lived in Yellowstone National Park for two years.  Let us know if you go. We will be sure to point you to the “must see” adventures. 


Thank you to Dutch goes the Photo – Bird (Photo Challenge)  for this sharing opportunity.

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