The bittersweet sign at the exit tugs at the heart.


I close my eyes with hopes of hearing hoof beats in the distance. We reluctantly climb in the Jeep with dusty faces and wind-blown hair that smells of a campfire.  A drive through the exit lets us peek at a trail of dust left by the horses, carrying a collection of  stores from everyone who visits Pleasant Valley, Yellowstone.  There is history to learn along the way, and for us a chance to be cowboys (and girls) for a day.  We will be back,  to help you tend to the horses, DSC_0381.JPGto enjoy conversation about this unique lifestyle, fullsizeoutput_68fto appreciate your love of solitude, DSC_0355and to drink the best coffee that has ever landed on our lips; cowboy coffee .DSC_0302.JPGI know the sun has to set here too, but there is no question, pardner, 


We will be back.

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