All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware. – M. Buber

The anticipation of autumn is around the corner.  For some that means pumpkin spice EVERYTHING, and a fashion change from flip flops, and shorts to boots and scarves. Others don their  coveted “we are ready for some football” gear, and bask in the brisk change in weather.  It is a great time for campfires, and it is always a good time to be wandering around New England.   There is a lure in the hillsides, fullsizeoutput_79f

There is reason to stop along the side of the road, fullsizeoutput_24f0

There is a reason we continue to venture on quieter trails,  fullsizeoutput_24f2

And there is a reason we listen to the  rivers that nourish both the land… and the mind.  fullsizeoutput_24ee

There is a reason…in autumn.     Look again.  fullsizeoutput_24ef

To be continued…in the Tetons…..

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