I don’t have time to battle egos or small minds. There are more important things to do.  Not yoga! Don’t do yoga!   The instructors make great effort at meditation and nurturing the mind, but I flunked.  Thank goodness.   I love to laugh, my wild is bold, and I don’t have time to tame a spirit that isn’t meant to be tamed.

There are things to do.   Some might insist I am a dreamer, a hippie or a free spirit and they would be right, but I am also a realist.

Nature teaches us about wild and calm, freedom and restraint, and nature can’t be tamed either. Sunrises and sunsets teach us about new beginnings. Waterfalls teach us the impact of a drop of rain and how it forms the landscape. Trees teach us the power of a tiny seed. And the oceans show us the power of perseverance.  Together they rise up or down to the occasion, doing exactly what they are meant to do.

A trip to Zion National Park, Utah is one example of our wanderings.  A trek under a waterfall shows the reason for the canyons and washes,


The wind carves hideaways and caves,


And the sheer magnitude of the cliffs reminds us how insignificant we are.


Together they do exactly what they are meant to do.


And if you do need to meditate, or do yoga, there are places for that too, because in nature… there is something for everyone.


There is only one requirement…..


Don’t be tamed. 

There is no greater gift then time…

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