Yesterday I listened to a motivational speaker that said, at Thanksgiving everyone in his family is encouraged to bring one item that symbolizes their year. Over dinner conversation the others try to guess what it means.

I took that to heart and tried to think of what that one item might be for me.

It is important to recognize that the item is a true reflection and not a facade. If you bring a bouquet of daisies, you are missing the point.

I decided my item would be my hiking sticks. To be honest, when my husband bought them, and for that matter even suggested them, he took his life into his hands.  To me it was a weakness, suggesting what I couldn’t do, and if you know me, you know I never, ever give in.

Sometimes I wish I could dismiss these malfunctions as gremlins, but I can’t do that either. So I Just. Keep. Moving. Forward.

Instead, the irony is that the sticks have taught me what I can do. From a literal sense, they let me go to the places I love to explore, and they empower me to go further. Symbolically, I feel recovery, endurance, fun, and hope. There is always hope.

Remember that.

How about you? What is your symbol?

Thanks heaven for small mercies….