With all the talk about the awakening of Spring and the attempt at warmer weather in the east, here in Phoenix, I bite my tongue.  Spring for us has a different connotation.  It means our gardening is coming to a halt, we will go from air-conditioned homes, to air-conditioned cars, to air-conditioned work places.  It means the snakes have emerged on the trails, and dips in the pool are a necessity.  Many believe locals are left to shrivel up in this dry and barren place.   

But I don’t see the desert as barren at all.  While it smiles when it is flattered with the lightest of rain, its gift is to take what it has and create  the most amazing places.

And the truth  is, we don’t have time to fret over the weather, there is too much to do.

We have watering holes to visit,

Lake Pleasant, AZ

Hidden caves to discover,

Robbers Roost, Sedona, AZ

And so not hidden places to return to.

Grand Canyon

There is absolutely no doubt that we have the best mud puddles,

Chocolate Falls, AZ

And have you ever seen a sandfall?

Antelope Canyon, Page, AZ

Yes, the rumors of ghost towns are true,

Jerome, AZ

But the wineries are perfectly placed to ease the mind.

Keeling Schafer, Willcox, AZ

Enjoy Spring and remember…

We cannot hold a torch to light another path without brightening our own. 

Torch Cactus

Love where you are…..


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