If there was a secret passage promising you a step into the future, would you take it?  


It sounds like a great idea at first, because if you are anything like me sometimes you wonder what life might be like if you just knew.  Stuff like, did you get the new job, will the surgery be a success, or will retirement be what we envisioned?   

There would be no surprises, since we would know everything ahead of time.  For those of us who are creatures of habit and love organization, our world would be a perfect bubble of contentment.  

Or would it?

To think about the promise of such magic would be omniscient, but what are the consequences of such a gift?  What would it really mean? After all seeing into the future would mean taking the bad with the good.

Knowing the tough stuff might instigate a defeatist attitude, as destiny will stand in the way of motivation, and the dynamics of our communication would change too. There would no longer be a need to talk about our dreams, our desires, or our curiosities. 

What would be the use? 

Personally, I think the greatest detriment,  would be what you miss along the way, including the lessons.    

Where would our sense of wonder come from?

Fiery Furnace Trail 

When will we decide that the obstacles that need to be conquered, belong to us?  And how do we learn to tackle what is in our way? IMG_2541.JPG

How do we decide we have the power to change  our path at anytime, if we don’t like the direction we are headed in.   IMG_2571.JPGIMG_2563.JPG

Look ahead.  Always look ahead. IMG_2623.JPG

The road to your future is not always as you planned. It is not meant to be.  Instead it is a series of hills, climbs, and obstacles to guide you, mold you, and wait for you. Because in the  end, the greatest gift might just be in cresting that summit to find out what is on the other side.

Wind Kisses, Donna

How about you?  Would you want a chance to look into your future?


Inspired by: Terri Webster Schrandt at Sunday Stills