Is it even possible to put the timeless beauty and the soul of Tuscany into words? 

Today the scent of lavender and rosemary permeate the air warranting a deep breath and a moment to slow down.  I am convinced that I am supposed to be present in this moment for a reason, when I realize it is this moment that tells me what I want to know. fullsizeoutput_3526

Tuscany is not a place you are supposed to rush through, or check off as many sites as you can see. In fact, I am certain it is not a place to even see at all. Instead, Tuscany is a place to feel, to experience, to fall into.   fullsizeoutput_351f.jpeg

Villa San Piero is the perfect example and where we begin our journey.  It is what invites us to step into Tuscan living.  Many villas, like San Piero, are century old castles or churches renovated within guidelines and perpetuate a culture rich in character. Interior walls and frescos mimic another time, while gardens reflect a message that tells us…stay. fullsizeoutput_352a


Adventures and winding roads promise endless, sun-dotted tapestries of greens and earth-colored hillsides. The cypress trees are merely a statement and an invitation to wineries, family farms, and chapels that might surprise you in the distance.

Chapel Madonna di Vitaleta

Ancient cobblestone streets walk us through medieval fortresses amidst the quiet and simplistic life of it’s locals. And life simply goes along with a promise to gracefully preserve an ancient  heritage that compliments modern-day.  fullsizeoutput_3537

And yes…I know…there is wine…too.  More on that tomorrow.

Wind Kisses, Donna


Inspired by the people of Tuscany and encouragement by Terri at Sunday Stills