We arrive in this world with a soft soul, a trusting heart and a mind that wants us to be confident and free.  fullsizeoutput_3733

Somewhere along the way we change.  We become more worried about what other’s opinions of us are, and that softness might be interpreted as vulnerability.  We find ourselves to be a certain way or act accordingly because someone said so.


It doesn’t have to be that way. 

Yes,  guidance is imperative in the younger years, because we need to understand appropriateness, but don’t we also need to know ourselves.


There comes a time when you have to decide whether being true to yourself is more important than following the crowd.  It is easy to let a hardened heart dictate your direction, so you think you feel stronger, and less vulnerable.  But vulnerability and weakness come because you are trying to fit in.  So doesn’t it make sense that a softer heart brings  grace and courage in  a world that is hardened by opinion.


Pay attention.  Isn’t it nice when someone notices you because they are intrigued by you? Isn’t it nice to be able to speak from your heart?    Isn’t it nice to know those quiet souls who walk gracefully through life, waiting for the chance to walk into yours?

Isn’t it?fullsizeoutput_2f7d.jpeg

The day you believe soft is strong, is the day you meet wisdom. 

Wind Kisses, Donna


Inspired by:  Lens-Artists

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