The first question I ask you when you climb aboard our boat is: “Do you know how to swim?”

I know… awkward for the non-swimmers.

I don’t care what the answer is.  I just need to know, so when you are flailing around in 100 feet of water, I can decide to rescue you or let you… flail around.

The scenario is a little different when the grandchildren come aboard.  I know their skill level, and I know my daughter and her husband trust us unconditionally with them. With that said, you also need to know my husband is retired Navy, and I am all about fun.  So I was a little concerned about the presentation…by that retired Navy guy, that we all know and love.   

He said:  “When you come aboard the boat we have rules, three rules.”  The wide eyes told me, mom and dad said they need to be good listeners today. I knew they would, and I also knew they would HAVE to abide by these rules, to be safe.

Like them, I waited.fullsizeoutput_3787

  1. You have to wear life jackets. The water is deep and you won’t be able to touch bottom.
  2. It is important to listen to me and Gramma all the time so we can keep you safe.  The rules are different then at home.
  3. This last one is Gramma’s rule and the most important one.  Are you ready?  Simultaneous nods came from them, and me.  He saidIt is important that you HAVE FUN.   

He nailed it. They laughed. I cried.

And they were promoted to the crew. fullsizeoutput_3796

But there was something else I realized before our voyage today. While they enjoyed the chance to be a part of our adventure on Lake Pleasant, I wondered if they realized how lucky they are not to just be siblings, but to also be the best of  friends.  fullsizeoutput_3799

Wind Kisses, Donna

Inspired by… Blue