It hasn’t happened yet.

It will

I leave my house everyday at 7AM.  The streets are fairly quiet, and this morning I noticed Mexican Bird of Paradise blooming from last weeks splash of rain.  The nervous quails are scurrying from bush to bush, and the local road runner walks around like the boss.  Today he chased something into a hole, and I guessed a lizard was probably feeling pretty lucky.  I love mornings, and these moments I have dedicated to me. IMG_5685.JPG

On the corner, near the mailboxes, is a man I see everyday waiting for his ride to school or work.  I don’t know him by name, even though he lives down the street.  fullsizeoutput_389e

I wave to him everyday from my car and was ecstatic the day he waved back. Since then he peers around the mailboxes and watches me drive to the corner. He seems to be looking for me, and I know this because if his lunchbox is in his right hand, he switches it to the left, and waves with his right.  fullsizeoutput_38b0

He often makes the start of my day better.  It is a reminder of how important the little things in life are, and it validates the snowball effect of kindness. It doesn’t matter what the weather brings, what might be on the agenda, or the list of lists.  I wave and he waves back.  And recently… I noticed the slightest, sideways smile.

My smile lasted all day. 

But there is something else he doesn’t know. Something else that I wish for him. I don’t expect to have a friendship with him, and I am not certain he will ever say hello. And that is ok. I do hope, if I can be patient a little longer, there will be a day where he waves first.

And he will.

But I have promised myself on that day, I will not fly out of my car and hug him.    Instead, I will take a deep breath…. and wave back.



Wind Kisses, Donna


Inspired by: Scene: Everyday Moments