There is nothing more fun as a photographer than to return from an excursion, look at your photos and say: “I got it!” We all have our, styles, visions, and motivations, so to capture what we want is a treat. With photography, the subjects are endless. Some photograph people, and others animals.  Some stick to the landscape, and still others prefer flower hunting, leaf peeping, and sporting events.  


I think we photograph what we feel connected to when looking through our lenses. And we are drawn to that.  What are you looking for?  What do you see?

Whether you know it or not composition is a tool you use with every photo.  If you have ever asked your subject to scoot over, or get closer, then you know what I am talking about.  The role of composition is to create interest, and direct the eye to where you want it to go.  Framing is an example of this. 

What is Framing?   Framing refers to using other elements to surround a subject,  block out an area around it, and create a unique blend of interest and creativity.  Naturally this can be done by peering  through doors, windows, or tunnels.

In the outdoors, those frames are often part of the landscape.  Arches and natural bridges are obvious frames, after all  we travel to them just to look through them, don’t we?

Bryce National Park

Interestingly enough frames can come from more subtle places.  With my love of hiking and the outdoors, I have discovered how trees, and branches frame my subjects. Hunting for them is half the fun, but the Grand Canyon makes it easy.  fullsizeoutput_55bd

Sedona, Arizona does too.  The twisted bark of the juniper tree is also evidence of the spiritual vortexes in this region of the country.  A place sacred to the natives and a spiritual/balanced energy to anyone who visits. fullsizeoutput_4e36

Sometimes you have to peek around corners to find it.  Bandelier National Monument  invites that opportunity through its pinyon pines, and a visit there will have you climbing through the doors and windows that are made for framing, and fun. fullsizeoutput_55ab

Sometimes you just have to be at the right place at the right time.  Yellowstone makes that search fun. DSC_0712.JPGDSC_0328.JPG

But sometimes you just have to be hanging loose with the right people.  fullsizeoutput_5579

Wind Kisses, Donna

What kind of photography do you like?  What composition tools do you knowingly use?What are your favorite subjects, or season?  

Love to know some of your strategies.