What is the most spontaneous thing you have ever done?

Was it worth it?  

Was it was memorable? 

It always is, isn’t it?  I know, some escapades are more pleasant than others, and that’s OK, because regardless of the outcome, learning is half the fun.  Are you smiling, thinking of that one friend we all have? That one who is our partner in crime?  You know, it’s the one you see coming at you with the words “let’s…”  flying out of their mouth, and you know you will be dragged off on some wild adventure.  Ya, I married that guy.


I love those kind of people. The unafraid. The ones who see life as it is meant to be lived. The ones who test the waters a little bit, and the others who make us laugh, because they are also the ones to laugh at themselves.   

Spontaneous moments? 

Not sure. I definitely know the most embarrassing moment in my life, but as someone who loves spontaneity, it’s hard to pick just one. Maybe the time I took a bus to NYC, or the time I hitchhiked to the beach with a friend in college, and of course there is the day my husband and I eloped. To tell the truth I enjoy a bit more deliberation and thoughts of consequence, but sometimes….you just gotta do what you gotta do. 


OK, so off the subject.  Do you like chocolate?  Ya, that was random, I know,  It was meant to be; stay with me.  We are talking about spontaneity.

Did you know that in February, Dove Chocolate puts love notes inside their wrappers? It’s not anything new.  It is just fun, and when I grabbed a handful of M&Ms this morning, it reminded me of the Dove notes from the winter.  You see, prior to Valentines, I opened one that said: “Do something spontaneous”.  We don’t need to be told twice.  It seemed like a good time for a road trip, with rumors of fresh snow in the north country.


And, as hoped, we walked into a snow globe.


I took the bag of chocolate with me that day and I wonder…how is it Dove knew just what I was thinking.


Wind Kisses, Donna



PS.  I know autumn hasn’t arrived….just grabbing some spontaneity