We all need a place to play and pray.  

Can it just be in the same place sometimes?

Sunday is the only day we have time, to take the time.

Does it have to be at church?  I know that sounds selfish, and sinful, but hear me out.

How often are you late for church, distracted because Sunday is also grocery day? How often do you look at your watch, and wonder if you will make it home for the football game?  How often do you fly out of the service to get an early start on Sunday’s chores? And how often does the message fade away?

My guess is the majority of you might say, never.  I applaud you for that.  Don’t get me wrong. I am a believer in the truest sense, and yet, isn’t it ok to find spirituality through every step I take, through every moment I am living?

That’s the goal, right? 

I learned a lot more about spirituality in our years as a modern nomads, then I could ever learn in a pew. Home was where we hung our hearts, and since it was not always convenient to get to church, that was where the guilt ended.   

Last Sunday was a short and sweet trip to Sedona, the place that grabs your soul, even if you don’t want it to.  It reminded me of our wandering years, and how that play and pray thing is real.

Summit Trail is the only place you can view all 360 degrees of Sedona, but what draws people is the spiritual vortexes,  energy sites that enhance mediation, healing and creativity.  They are places of worship to the natives.  Welcome…

Summit Trail, Sedona

It is a short one-mile round trip. fullsizeoutput_824c

The stairs are well marked.fullsizeoutput_8266

The trees, not so much.  To the native people, the twisted bark is evidence of the vortex.  Look for it. fullsizeoutput_829b

The views are captivating.   And the rest…. is on my mind.fullsizeoutput_8214

But honestly,  if you need to make a quick stop there is a place for that too.fullsizeoutput_2ba

Your future self is watching you right now through your memories.  Live well.


What do you think? Quite an awakening, isn’t it?

Tell me, where do you find spirituality?

Wind Kisses, Donna