If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.  


I am not afraid of heights, and I am not afraid to try new things.   In fact, I had always dreamed of sailing along the treetops on a zip-line.  It looked fun to see people strapped into harnesses soaring through the woods, grinning ear to ear.

I wanted to experience that feeling of freedom, the wind in my hair, and the beautiful views that came with it.

Bretton Woods Canopy Tours plan their 3-hour excursion with a hike, zip-lines, and repels, all while reminding us to enjoy the sweeping views of the White Mountains in NH. fullsizeoutput_83b5

The challenge was that I had to trust my safety to someone else. I had to trust a complete stranger in the treetops 165 feet from the forest floor.  And his challenge was convincing me that he was that guy.  fullsizeoutput_83be

I am not controlling, but I do like to be in control. So this time it wasn’t that I needed to trust myself to do it, and instead, trust myself to let go, to listen, and do the right thing within his parameters.

Yes…every what if scenario came to mind.  fullsizeoutput_83b8


The first few lines were easy.  We hiked, and climbed up to the platforms on ladders. I knew a few feet off the ground meant, a fall might dishevel me a bit, and laughter would wipe the worries away.  And as we went on, the height and the range of the zip-lines increased. That meant our choices to get from place to place were more daunting.

The nervous energy at 165 feet was made worse when my husband said don’t look down and do exactly what you are told. He left. fullsizeoutput_83b9

That wasn’t helpful…at all.

A few others in our group were guided on. I asked what would happen if someone couldn’t muster up the courage to go.  Without hesitation, Ryan,  said they would push them and then reassured me he would see me on the next tree.

Well, I didn’t mean me, but…nice to know. 

We made it, I made it to the last tree where we would repel 1000 feet back to the forest floor.  I had a death grip on the ropes and my nervous laughter took me where I needed to go.  The adrenaline had me shaking for a few minutes, but dang it, I sure impressed myself.

It was an amazing experience everyone should try once, and while the sights were breathtaking,  I will remember:

  1. Every time I stepped out of my comfort zone.
  2. The tears that came from fear.
  3. Overcoming that fear every step of the way.
  4. Knowing what it feels like to fly
  5. Knowing it was ok to scream all the way across.
  6. The unconditional trust you can have for a stranger.
  7. How our group of tourists became a team.
  8. How encouragement and bonding comes from the most unusual experiences.
  9. What fun it is to revisit the day over a fire and s’mores. fullsizeoutput_5f57

Wind Kisses, Donna