I don’t know about you, but I think pastimes enrich our lives.

It was my high-school running coach who first told me there will always be an hour of the day that belongs to me. Use it wisely.  At the time, I didn’t know what that meant.

Then real life hit.  Free time? Leisure time to do what I want?  That didn’t exist.

Or did it?  I realized how easy it was to squander away valuable, productive time, with mindless nonsense.  And that one hour a day, or few hours a week did matter.

I don’t run anymore and my hobbies are vast.  I love to garden, write, volunteer, and hike.  Those activities are a quick fix honoring, that hour, I promised myself, and  I do that.

For other days, pastimes are often relative to the seasons.  Spring in Arizona means we are boating. Yes, it is fun, and like most pastimes, it is beneficial too.

  1. Pastimes make you interesting.  Conversation is fun, especially when you are gifted with something new.  Personally, I had never heard of the wild burros in Arizona. Now, friends love hearing about the history and the life of the burros of Lake Pleasant.  When we are at anchor, we listen for them and search the shoreline for them to make an appearance. They never disappoint. DSC_0347.JPG
  2. Pastimes make you well-rounded. Trying new things becomes commonplace on the water. There are always new trends, and new friends for gathering laughter or simple well-being.   fullsizeoutput_840a
  3. Pastimes foster new connections.   Great minds think alike and boating is no exception.   In fact, boating is a culture in itself.  Everyone on the water, loves the water. Some want the fast and furious adrenaline rush that comes with waterskiing or wake-boarding. Others love to row and/or fish.  Sometimes we even spend weekends never leaving the docks, and instead catching up with friends  we only see when at the marina.  And, be reminded, always wave at an on coming boat, they are family….kinda.  fullsizeoutput_8411
  4. Pastimes reduce stress.  We all de-stress differently.  The majority of our time on the boat is to take us away from everyone and everything.  Quiet coves are an oasis when we toss the anchor and float with the wind’s direction. I will never understand how cleaning the boat is relaxing for him, and he will will never understand how the camera allows me to contemplate life.   I love that we can together, differently.  Don’t you?fullsizeoutput_8409
  5. Pastimes refresh you, Revive you.   Will you agree that when you have given yourself the time you deserve, you feel more complete?  A sigh of relief, if you will.  Now go…let the day be done, take in that sunset of fresh air, and walk into tomorrow.   fullsizeoutput_840f

Wind Kisses, Donna

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