It is funny what you notice with the proper inspiration. 

Thank you Ann-Christine for the motivation to find delicate colors in this week’s Lens-Artists Challenge.  Initially, this challenge took me outdoors on a mission to find what might match my favorite running shoes in the desert landscape. 

I did meet success, but contrary to popular belief the desert landscape is quite brilliant.fullsizeoutput_8437

The return home took me to my computer and the recent photo shoot of my granddaughter on Mother’s Day. 

The pictures changed my mind about my initial vision for the challenge. Heidi’s photos gifted me with a delicate moment I cannot pass up.

I am reminded of how our children are like flowers. They are delicate and bold. They are pure and unique.  They reach for the sun or whatever nurtures them, and aren’t we always grateful to know they come in their own color when they bloom.   fullsizeoutput_8320fullsizeoutput_8317liqjbaGKQ1yOIPLhvR%CHw

Wind Kisses, Donna