There is something majestic about flying a kite.  In some ways having a kite take flight gives us our own sense of freedom.  The kite will move in sync with the opposing wind, and it soars as if it is trying to mingle with the birds.  

Kite-flying is a quintessential pastime of all of us, and one of the most nostalgia-inducing  childhood activities. It turns out, kite-flying is more then just a fun way to spend the afternoon.  

Benefits of Flying a Kite:

Attentiveness:   You can never really plan to fly a kite, unless, I guess you live somewhere that is breezy all the time.  For us it is a last minute decision.  There have been plenty of beach vacations when we have taken kites, just in case, and never used them. And then there are those days when someone remembers the kites are in the garage and the wind just picked up.  Pay attention.

Patience: Need I say more?fullsizeoutput_6949

Teamwork: There is almost always a need for another person.  That person willing to run along behind you until the kite takes flight.  Letting go at the precisely the right moment is often more important then the running. And the power of success, resulting from flight, becomes team-building.

Problem solving:You need an anchor and also know when your feet need to be moving.  You need to read the wind to know when to hold the string taut, or give it slack.     What does it take to make it ebb and flow?  The creative cognitive thought is constantly changing. fullsizeoutput_84ac

Perseverance:  You will fail.  Every kite has had it’s meeting with a tree, and I am 100% certain it will eventually dive bomb. You can count on it. The failed attempts are almost a rite of passage, and the screams and shouts of success when it finally stays up is a confidence builder.  Practice really does make progress.  Just keep trying.

Physics:How does it work? How high can you get it?  Why do you have to pull on the string to keep it straight, or run towards it to let it loose? fullsizeoutput_84aa

Health:  The simple fun of flying a kite brings us fresh air, sunshine, exercise, laughing, socializing, relaxing, and anything fun you can think of.  Pretty sure that’s good for everyone.

But honestly…isn’t it nice when science is responsible for our carefree pastimes?  What are you waiting for.  Let’s go fly a kite!

Wind Kisses, Donna

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