I know, I know….Arizona is too dry, too hot and too dusty.   We do have ghost towns, a unique landscape, and hidden caves. That’s pretty cool.  But summers?  Not so much. Summers are clearly more desirable elsewhere.  Or are they?

Do you know Arizona is also the land of contradictions?


Welcome to the town of Greer.  

Greer is the highest town in Arizona, at 9000 feet,  and the fifth highest in the country.  Be advised, if you are on a road trip, you won’t drive through it.  This time, you will have to drive to it, as it sits at the end of 5-mile long AZ373. At its dead end sits a trail that meanders along the west fork of the Little Colorado River. 

I promise the drive will be worth it. w0c52HRrQkChVChm+umyTQ

Greer is situated in a lush valley of the White Mountains.  And while it seems unusual,  Arizona is home to 3900 mountain peaks and summits, more then any of the other Mountain States.  

The brisk air and clear water is a mecca for fishermen in the summer. fullsizeoutput_872f

It is ironic to think Arizona has the largest contiguous stand of ponderosa pines in the world, with eleven million acres of national forest.  For those of us from the Valley, we simply enjoy being outside. In the summer, the old-growth birch forests near Greer, are great places to hike and bike.  In the winter, most of the trails are used for snowshoeing and cross country skiing.  

The scenery is a nice change from the hillsides of saguaro, and it tempts us to plan a trip in the autumn. fullsizeoutput_875e

We woke to a beautiful fifty degrees in Greer, while friends back in Phoenix woke to ninety.  That is precisely why we love heading north in the summer months. It is hard to believe that Arizona’s disparate climate can yield both the highest temperature and the lowest temperature across the nation in the same day.

Interesting to learn about this historic town that is also home to Molly Butler’s, the state’s oldest lodge and restaurant. And if you think you might venture inside to connect to technology, you won’t.  Instead, you will find great conversation, and a place to connect…with each other.

And today that is where I plan to leave my thoughts.

Grateful for this beautiful place I also call home.  fullsizeoutput_8744

Wind Kisses, Donna

Inspired by Ann Christine at Lens Artists