Today was a day of surprises. How apropos that we began the day at Surprise Canyon.  

We walked through canyons, and slots, stumbled across random petrified wood, and appreciated what it might feel like to have a tsunami coming at us.  

The first surprise was for my husband, as I decided it was time to learn to air-down…and up the tires for off-road adventures. This is necessary for a smoother ride and better traction.

Notom-Bullfrog Road

If you look towards the mountain, you will see the shadow of what looks like a bear cub. That will be the entrance to Surprise Canyon, a little more than a mile across across the meadow.

Don’t you just love the unknown expectations of this one?

We didn’t know how far back it would take us, so we gave ourselves an hour before we would turn back. I find it so interesting to walk along the bottom of a riverbed, imagining the water crashing against the walls and spilling over waterfalls.

We feel so insignificant here.

There are indeed surprises around every corner. This time….

…he had found the end point for us. From here we would have to climb up the side of the canyon/waterfall, or repel down about twenty feet where he is standing. This was a good place for us to hydrate, and wow ourselves with curiosity.

And we return to the Jeep to find out what is on top of the mountain.

Wind Kisses, Donna

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