Not every victory is on the scoreboard.  Sometimes it’s the littlest things that matter most.  In fact, isn’t one of the greatest victories when you find a wad of cash in your coat pocket from last winter? 

What about when the traffic light turns green before you have to stop?

Those tiny blinks of time bring us joy, and that right-on feeling every single time. 

I have been mindful of these tiny victories over the past few weeks, as my parents celebrate sixty-one years together.  And with all the milestones in life, like birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and promotions, I realize it is the tiny accomplishments that get us through life, and often through the day.  

Victories look different pending our own life, yet the end result is the same.  We find ourselves grabbing a brief moment of satisfaction, a win if you will.

How about you?

What are your quiet accomplishments?

What are your tiny victories? 

Are you quietly impressed with yourself when you wake up with a fully charged cell phone?

Did you celebrate the delivery that was supposed to come between 8:00 and 1:00, and arrived at 7:59.

27 More Tiny Victories to Ponder:

  1. Discovering the shoes you were going to buy anyway, were on sale. 

2. Good weather. 

3. The dentist says he will see you in six months. 

4. You are the first one in a queue at airport security. 

5. Clearing the 300 emails in the inbox

6. When you are the recipient of someone doing something nice, just because.

7. Telling someone… you are loved. It is different then I love you.

8. Finding  a penny on the sidewalk.

9. A phone call from a friend you haven’t talked to in forever. 

10. Sticking your toes in the ocean

11. Dancing to Pandora and the house still gets clean. 

12. Compromise.

13. You made it to Friday.

14. And Monday. 

15. Fresh coffee

16. Opportunity to be creativity

17. Learning something new. 

18. Memories. 

19. When someone holds the door for you. 

20. When you pass on a kindness and someone does the same. 

21. Waking up before the alarm. 

22. Walking.

23. Knowing meditation is not just doing yoga, it’s doing you. 

24. A hug that holds on when you start to let go. 

25. Empowering someone else to be better.  

26. Bubble-popping.

27. Any place that sells lobster rolls and ice cream IS fine dining in my book of life.

What if we decided to live each day as if it is our first? What if we decided when we woke up each morning with the sun, we would promise ourselves we would see things with open eyes, be mindful, and celebrate what is in front of us?

Love to hear what your tiny victories were today?

Wind Kisses, Donna